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To the anon who asked me about making a mix

Thank you so much! A mix is ALWAYS a good gift, especially for your intents and purposes. I do have some songs for you, but maybe consider putting in songs that don’t really hint at wanting a relationship, just so it’s not obscenely obvious. So just put some of your all-time favorites, too!

Here are some songs that could work:

  • Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels) — Arcade Fire
  • The Suburbs — Arcade Fire
  • The Suburbs (continued) — Arcade Fire
  • Afterlife — Arcade Fire
  • Zebra — Beach House
  • Desire Lines — Deerhunter
  • Sea of Love — The National
  • I Summon You — Spoon
  • Is This It — The Strokes
  • Chicago — Sufjan Stevens
  • Step — Vampire Weekend
  • VCR — The xx

Hope this helped! I’d love to hear how it works out!

Anonymous Hey Luke! i really really like ur blog and ur amazing music taste. Can i ask u some advice? I really like this boy and I'm making him a playlist 4 gift, i kinda want to put hint songs that i like him (cause were kinda bestfriends) so far i have these: (me- the 1975 / feels like i only go backwards - tame impala / i need you- m83) can u give me some songs u would put because i really love ur music taste xx

See above.

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